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SOTO BANGKONG - A Legendary Taste Enjoyment

Soto Bangkong Soto Bangkong Soto Bangkong Soto Bangkong

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Address: Jl. Brigjen Katamso No. 1 Semarang, Indonesia
Phone: (024) 841 2842
GPS Coordinate: S6°59'40.3" E110°25'56.4" (view map)

Visiting Semarang do not forget to stop by at the stall of Soto Bangkong that has been legendary. A bowl of delicious soup with various types of sate as a complement to pamper your tongue and it is addictive.

A Legendary Taste Enjoyment

Soto is the food that is easily found everywhere, even many regions in Indonesia made soto as special dish. However, actually, soto is not original food from Indonesia, but it is Chinese food named caudo. It was explained by Denys Lombard, in his book entitled Nusa Jawa: Cross-Cultural. As a result of interactions that occurred with the Chinese since hundreds of years ago, caudo was well received by the Javanese community, especially communities in the area of Semarang. After experiencing acculturation with Javanese culture, the mention caudo turned into soto. People in Makasar call it coto, while people in Pekalongan call it tauto.

In areas where the caudo or soto first popularized, Semarang has a legendary soto stall and has existed since the 1950s. This soto stall is known as Soto Bangkong. Hearing its name, first YogYES funnily thought that the soto uses Bangkong (frog) meat as its mixture. But it turns out YogYES prediction wrong, an additional word ‘bangkong’ behind its name was originally from the street where the soto stall stands. Before it has been changed into Jalan Brigjen Katamso, it had been known as Jalan Bangkong.

From the outside of Warung Soto Bangkong, it looks ordinary, nothing special. But once entering the inside, classic and comfortable impression produced by the interior of the room is strongly felt. YogYES immediately sat on wooden chairs and ordered soto bangkong to the waiter. Without a long wait, a bowl of soto with various additional satay and potato cakes in a separate container has been served on the table. It was not forgotten to put a slice of lemon, soy sauce, and chili sauce as a complement. Soto bowl that is used unlike other soto stalls that is wide and flat. Soto bangkong is served in tiny bowls and tall, resembling soto kudus bowls, but in a larger size.

At first bite into the mouth, soto bangkong still tastes ordinary, nothing special. However, in the next bite and bite, delicious taste of soto bangkong started to be felt and be able to make the tongue dance. Until unknowingly, a bowl of soto bangkong containing rice soup, shredded chicken meat, caisim, tomatoes, glass noodles, and a sprinkling of fried onions has been finished. As a friend to eat soup, there are various of satays, such as clam sate, quail egg satay, chicken satay, fried tempe (soy bean cake) and perkedel (potato cake). Soto bangkong that is delicious would be full of nutrient intaken in the morning before you start exploring the activity area of Semarang.

Opening Hour:
Monday - Sunday, Hours 07:00 - 22:00pm

Prices of food:

  • Soto: IDR 8,000 / portion
  • Sate: IDR 3,000 / piece
  • Perkedel (potato cake): IDR 2,500

Price list obtained from a trip in April and not always updated.

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